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Horse equipments

This family-run company was started in 1994. Riding crops and horsewhips have been produced. Our products are made considering the enquiry based on our own conceptions.

We intend to design a unique image under the brand name “Ledó”. Our technologies and tools are being improved continuously. Using new materials and technologies we make every effort to make our products even better and even more attractive, respectively to provide to our customers an even wider range of products in colour and size. We are looking forward to new ideas and conceptions with the purpose of making something better and we are ready to carry them out if it’s possible.

We are specialized on the reasonable customer-specific production of short or limited series but it’s also possible of course to produce large quantities. We have to emphasize that we don’t make any mass products. We intend to build some unique special service tools so that a lot of manual work is needed during processing. Based on conceptions and experiences of the last more than twenty years, this catalogue contains products of a very high quality so that anyone can find the best tools which are need.

Károly Ledniczki


Handmade by Ledó

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Based on the experience of the last 20+ years, we created a catalogue in which hopefully everyone can find the perfect product for their goals.

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