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I am Károly Ledniczki – the visionary and owner of Ledó whips brand. Please allow me to share some thoughts with you on this special anniversary.

We have been producing whips for carriage driving, horse-back riding and for training for 30 years. We have been manufacturing whips and riding stick in many different sizes, colours and styles. During these years, I crossed paths with many wonderful souls who share my love of horses and passion of teaching and training them.

Our goal is the same
finding the best way to connect (wo)man and horse. I am proud to say that our products are used, well-loved and highly sought after all over the World. Although our lead products are driving whips, I may humbly say that most anybody can find the best suited equipment for their needs at Ledó – be it a professional competitor or hobby enthusiast. My knowledge, experience and vision manifested in the brand I named Ledó.

Ledó whips - the best choice for driver and horse

Károly Ledniczki


Handmade by Ledó

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Based on the experience of the last 20+ years, we created a catalogue in which hopefully everyone can find the perfect product for their goals.

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